Price Discounts at SteinerWear

Enjoy some new items & Holiday specials, then compound that with some new price changes for SteinerWear gear....Guys check out the ladies Novelty Collection for your girl too.

Happy Holidays & Enjoy!

Greattt stuff!

This company is seriously top notch above all others. The hats are kick ass, and the rash guards are better than any other company I have received from. They are very tight, and feel great. Definitely check them out.



hey I still need that list so I can place some orders :)

Justin Morris


End of the year stuff has een HECTIC!

I'll give it to you tomorrow ....You'll have it by 3 pm.....thanks Justin

Yeah Steinerwear!!

I got my steinerwear today. They make some quality gear.


I sent you an MMA mail.  Did you get it?

Happy New Year!


Just got it have mail.

Hey grappling-guy......I hope you like our new 2005 ad campaign

We are going to feature some MMA girls naked, holding our mascot sexually provocative poses with links to their direct (900 number) any thoughts? Each caller and purchaser gets a signed naked


Remember to hook up the Goat with those fine ladies :)


No mail came through.  Can you try it again?  Thank you in advance and Happy New Year.

LOL Fearless Goat..... the ladies would love you too. 

Steinerwear has the best gear around. Very comfortable rash guards. Seriously the best rash guards around. I wore Atama and Sprawl before, and they dont even compare to Steinerwear.

also TTT for the ladies