Price of Jiu Jitsu

How much do you pay for jiu jitsu every month?

I'm just doing some research to find out what the going rate is.

I'm just doing some research to find out what the going rate is.

The going rate varies by location, the number of days per week you train, and who the instructor is.

Simply asking for a dollar figure without more is asking for meaningless information.


I live in Atlanta, I train with Eddie camden, who is a black belt in bjj. I pay 150, but Im part of the advanced club or black belt club or whatever you wanna call it, so that comes with some benefits. I would pay 125 if I weren't in the bbc. Jacare's school is about the same, and LA boxing I think is a bit cheaper, but Im not sure who thier instructor is or what kind of programs they have, so I won't speak on that.

Sgt of Marines,

Reading back over my post this morning, it sounds a little more gruff than I meant it to be. Sorry about that. It's not how I intended it to sound.

Anyway, the point I was making is that you should provide a little info about your location, # of days you want to train, etc., and that may help you get some relevant info.

I pay 60 per month, unlimited training, New England.

It's a rich man's game.

Expect 100+ in most places for a Purple or Above teaching.

In California expect to pay between 100 - 160 a month for BJJ. There are a few schools that charge under 100 bucks and that is usually womens or childrens classes, or a purple/brown belt is teaching.

Thanks guys I was just curious

Wow, am I getting a bargain! $70 a month, with no increase as long as I stay with the school. Right now, there are two classes a day Mon-Thurs, 1 class on Saturday, and an open mat on Sunday. I can go to as many as my old body (& wife) will let me. Head instructor is a Jacare black belt, asst is a purple - and they both have fought MMA. I love it!

in the NYC area ...

Renzo's, Ronin Athletics (SBGi), Machados, Fabio Clemente, Combined Martial Arts

all charge over $100.
i think everything actually starts at $120 and can go upwards of $200 for group classes

but thats NYC!

$4O.OO Month, three days a week, purplebelt instructer, Albemarle, NC

Naples/ Bonita Springs, Florida 65 per month at Naples BJJ for 3x a week. This is quite a deal from what I have heard other places in the area charging.

How about a place that charges 125 a month + a contract for Blue Belt instruction? Yikes.

Holy shit - charging $100 a month for unlimited is reasonable, but $200 a month for unlimited classes is highway robbery. Some BJJ instructors charge way too much for their time.

Renzo's price is more a factor of having to teach in NYC.

what is the price of NOT learning jiujitsu?

I'm still trying to figure out why Atama Gis don't come with a white belt included... :-(

Market value eh? I guess that's a valid argument, and people do need to make a living, but there are many judo and boxing clubs (for example) where one can train for far less money than some of the higher-end priced BJJ clubs. I love BJJ and will pay what I need to in order to train, but I still contend that some instructors price themselves way too high.

I pay 15 a month to train with one of Royces black belts, and we have 2 brown belts and a purple. Thats unlimited btw...

LittleC: Market driving the price there?