Prices, what are you paying?

Where are you guys located and what kind of prices are you paying?

i'm just curious because i don't want to end up paying too much.

2 times a week?

what kinds of prices?

I am located in Des Moines Iowa training under a 4 stripe Blue Belt. We are affiliated with Caique JJ in California. I am currenyl paying $60 a month family membership with me, my wife and my 14 year old son training.
Training days are times are as follows.
Monday and Wednesdays from 6-8 pm. Technique first hour, with king of the hill and sparring the last hour.
Friday 2-3 pm one on one time with instructor who also works with me.
Friday evening 6-8 pm no gi and NHB training.
Saturday 12-2 pm open mat.
Sundays when we feel like getting together and working out.
I think it is a pretty good deal.

sounds good.

$429/yearly for full gym membership with 5X weekly MMA classes(2 ground, 2 standup, 1 conditioning). it's been weeks since i've been, and that makes me feel like a dick, since i *just* renewed.

In San Diego and I pay $0 per month unlimited.

arent' you lucky. anyone else. i want real answers from people actually paying, spider guard. (pustak, great deal man).

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I just recently started training at the Royce Gracie network school here in Charlotte, NC.
M-W-F: 7-9:30 BJJ GI

T-Th: 7-8 Muay Thai, 8-9 BJJ no gi.

Sat: open mat 11-1

$50/month unlimited.


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It's 1-3 on Saturday's not 11-1.

Just a fyi. See you soon.

I also train at the same gym as spider guard in San Diego and I also pay $0 for training. And yes, we are lucky because we are asst instructors. My coach is a cool mofo.

Everyone else now pays around $120 a month...

Ours is a $100 a month unlimited training, we train 6 days a week.

Various places I have been to:

Place 1) 50 a month for 3 times/week

Place 2) 65 a month for 5 times a week

Place 3) 139 for 3 months , 5 times a week

Place 4) 80 a month for 3 times a week

Place 5) 120 a month for 4 times a week

All of these were worth it. It depends very much on location and quality of instruction and the facility.


He is training for King of the Cage, he was thinking about this spring, but because of his travel/employment schedule, it will probably be this summer or fall. Mike can get him a fight scheduled with no problem. Did you meet Jason, he is also going to fight King of the Cage, but probably not until next year some time. Take cares.

Ciao Ciao, Max

$30 per year + $50/month 3-4 times a week at GroundControl Baltimore. I'm not there yet, but plan on starting next week.




now, the question is... what rank in bjj is your instructor. or if he was an ex collegiate wrestler, etc etc. thanks.


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I was paying $75 a month unlimited for blackbelt training.

I moved and now I'm looking at $120mo+ at this new place I want to join...

My group classes:

BJJ two days a week (one 45 min, one 90 min)
MMA two days a week (one 45 min, one 60 min)
open mat once a week (2 full hours)

$70 per month unlimited


$100 for 2x/week with a blackbelt from brazil.

$85/mo with Marcelo Perdomo, Carlson Gracie Team Black Belt.

Unlimited training 6 days weekly (4 gi days/1 freestyle and 1 open mat)

He's the sole instructor and trains w/us himself every night.

M-F 8:30-10:30 and Sun open mat (usually around 2:00pm)