Pride 04 GP Posters

In looking for the following Pride GP 04 posters:

Opening round (butterfly), Second round (footprints in the sand), and Final round (bomb). 

Looking for B2 for them all. Please message me if you have any of them for sale.     Thanks

Should have included prices I'd be willing to offer for the posters. 



Bomb-more than either of those. If you have one contact me and you'll get the price. 

Also looking for Pride 29, GP 06 sperm, Pride 30 starting over (all 3 versions), Shockwave 03, and GP 03 final round (flower).


Please contact me if you have any of the posters.          Thanks.



Haha seems like were looking for the same posters but im after B3's if anyone offers B2's ill send them your way and please do the same. Good luck.

Check your pm's jdawg Phone Post

grizz632 - 

Check your pm's jdawg Phone Post

Hey grizz, I responded about an hour ago. 

Did you not get my reply?

Looks like I last checked a couple minutes before you responded, I got it now. I'll get back to you in a bit Phone Post

I got the butterfly one about 6 years ago. One of my three favorite posters I own.

I have some of those but the only one I'd be willing to part with is the B1 GP 06 sperm poster

Anybody looking to sell any B3 04 GP posters

I have b3 butterfly and desert. Looking for bomb only in b3. Got lots of prides to trade if anyone has b3 bomb. Phone Post

Would u sell the butterfly?