pride 27 ppv worth it (no spoliers

For people who saw it:

Is PRIDE 27 worth getting on PPV?

Crocop fight was interesting.

I don't think this was a very entertaining card...

you missed the last thread.

They said NO.

just did akira.

LoL nobody on that other thread seen the show, they just act like they did.

Card was not very good, but I heard show was decent from the paltalk crew who seem to be the only ones who actually seen it.

This was really a throw away show, they obviously didnt put much effort into it, it was in a very small arena.

ahh Ninja u didnt see it either...Bet u cant watch it without falling asleep

I'm definitly getting it.

the fights ive seen were ok, not as good as UFC 46 though.

I've seen every fight on the Pride 27 card. Overall it was horrible, the matchmaking is hurting what could be stellar cards every time out.

I would say more, but it would ruin the event for those that may not have seen it yet.

IMHO, Do not spend that much money on this PPV.
Wait and get the Bushido 2 event instead.