Pride 31/12: complete card

1-Quinton "Rampage" Jackson VS Ikuhisa Minowa;

2-Heath Herring VS "Giant" Silva;

3-Hayato Sakurai VS Daiju Takase;

4-Murilo Ninja VS Akira Shoji;

5-Royce Gracie VS Hidehiko Yoshida;

6-Don Frye VS Gary Goodridge;

7-Ryan Gracie VS Wataru Sakata;

8-Ze Mario VS Yuki Kondoh;

9-Kiyoshi Tamura VS Rony Sefo;

10-Kazushi Sakuraba VS Rogerio "Minotouro

Peace and''um grande abraço''

Ryan Gracie is OUT. Daniel is IN.

Daniel Gracie vs. Wataru Sakata

By the way, according to Boutreview website, Ryan is out due an injury on his shoulder.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

that's a damn good card...

Ninja / Shoji - gimme a break. Did'nt his brother just KO Shoji at Bushido ? Give Shoji a rest.. new faces please.

Sefo / Tamura - interesting.

Heath vs. Giant Silva - Is this guy different from Montana Silva, who is fighting Hoost on the K-1 Dynamite card ?

lol @ Giant Silva. Him vs Montanya Silva should be fun as well.

That guy ? In that case Heath by beatdown in 45 seconds. WTF is up with the matchmakers on that one ?
Even Dos Caras Jr. would have been alot more interesting.

Good matchups.K-1 card is a freak show....

Is this a Pride or an Inoki show? Will it be on American PPV?

"Is this a Pride or an Inoki show? Will it be on American PPV? "

MIA for a month or so ?

From the top;

It is a Pride show;

Inoki has his own show, same night.

K-1 has it's own show, same night.

Three shows - same night.

No American PPV on any.

All shows are on FREE T.V. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

if you live in Japan.


Disapointing that Ryan is out. I knew that he was having problems with his ribs, and now he's hurt his shoulder too. Props to Daniel for taking the fight on 3-5 days notice, he should beat Sakata and make up for his performance at Bushido.

I always call it is good or bad In this case bad.. sorry..gas phaze

Thats a pretty good card but with some freakshow matchups(that could be interesting). I wish Sak was fighting Lindland or Tamura instead of Rogerio though.


I'd much rather see Sak fight Tamura than Rogerio, although Rogerio is still a good opponent.

That's wild that a former WWF guy is fighting in PRIDE. I'd love to see "Big Show" Paul Wight in PRIDE someday.

I take it that it's K-1 fighter Ray Sefo that is fighting Tamura. Sefo has got a size advantage over Tamura and will obviously be the better stand up striker, but Tamura has more MMA expierence and obviously far better submission skills. I'd still prefer to see Tamura vs. Sakuraba.

a few too many tomatos, but i still wanna see it

a pic of the "Giant" Silva

No PPV for Pride in the US on this show, but they are planning a quick release of the DVD here.

Thanks Bro!


"No PPV for Pride in the US on this show, but they are planning a quick release of the DVD here."

What is meant by "quick"?

3 months?

6 months?

If it's more than a month wait I wouldn't call it quick. I'm betting it'll take 3-6 months for the dvd releases.