Pride and Cable company

Okay, how many others are mad as hell with the cable company tonight? Not only do I NOT get to watch Pride, but I have to get talked to by some customer service techie (3 of them actually, since each one had to tell me "oh, you have a Sony box, I don't handle them) like I'm some kind of idiot (with questions like "is it the right time for the show??"). I'm really starting to get fed up with them. Then they tell me "oh, we haven't had any other complaints". I'm thinking it's Bull. Anyone else here? I'm in the Morris county NJ area (Cablevision of Morris County provider).....


Not in same area, but have same problems, only get an answering machine.

Get a dish. There are real cheap.

Live in an appartment, and really do not wish to get a dish just for the Pride FC.