Pride and UFC.

Whenever Pride guys beat UFC guys, Pride is the greatest in he world. Whenever UFC guys beat Pride guys, the organizations don't matter, its all about the fighters. You fags make me sick. End rant.

Good post, Bob.


This aint the wwf boy!


It was one hell of an event. I'd like to see some Japan rematches.

"So going with the accepted logic of the Pride trolls, Diaz is a UFC washout that just tooled the Pride champ."

That is correct...Pride trolls have been making these type of claims for years...

I'm a fan of MMA

It's about the fighters....




im a fan of MMA

I would have to agree w\ you altfsky ,I never got the whole Pride vs.UFC thing . A good fighter is a good fighter regaurdless of the organization he fights for. Im a fan of mma & only whish for good match making.

Last night was a great night for MMA fans and a horrible night for the Pride trolls.

jah trolls suck...they need to DIAF...


UFC                                                         Pride

1. Tim Sylvia                                         1. Fedor Emelianenko
2. Mirko Crocop                                    2. Minotauro Noguerria
3. Andrei Arlovski                                  3. Josh Barnett
4. Fabricio Werdum                              4. Mark Hunt
5. Brandon Vera                                   5. Aleksander Emelianenko

Light Heavyweight:

UFC                                                          Pride

1. Chuck Liddel                                     1. Wanderlei Silva / Dan Henderson
2. Renato Bablu                                     2. Shogun
3. Quinton Jackson                                3. Arona
4. Tito Otiz                                             4. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
5. Lyoto Machida                                   5. Lil Nog


UFC                                                          Pride

1. Anderson Silva                                1. Paulo Filho
2. Rich Franklin                                   2. Frank Trigg
3. Marquart                                         3. Misaki
4. Okami                                             4. Dan Henderson
5. Swick                                              5. Dennis Kang


UFC                                                          Pride

1. GSP                                                     1. Paulo Filho / Nick Diaz
2. Matt Hughes                                          2. Frank Trigg / Gomi
3. Diego Sanchez                                      3. Misaki / Sakurai
4. Karo Parysian                                       4. Henderson /  Melendez
5. Jon Fitch                                              5. Dennis Kang / Kawajiri


UFC                                                           Pride

1. Sean Sherk                                           1. Nick Diaz
2. BJ Penn                                                2. Gomi
3. Franca                                                  3. Sakurai
4. Spencer Fisher                                      4. Gilbert Melendez
5. Sam Stout                                             5. Kawajiri

yes and i'll be there live.