Pride brings lots of unknowns

It seems like every so often Pride puts relatively unknown guys and/or guys with little or no MMA experience in the ring. Sometimes this is interesting but I really feel bad for guys that have been fighting their way up in smaller organizations dying to get a spot in a big show and loosing their spots to these guys.

like whom...examples please?

That guy little nog is fighting

A lot of times they are guys who are very successful in other disciplines (ie. boxing or judo) but not in MMA, but sometimes they really don't belong there. One that comes to mind was LA Giant. I'm sure others here can help me out and point out a bunch of "undeserving" Pride participants.

They can make for interesting fights so it really doesn't bother me but it would bother the hell out of me if I was an up and coming fighter with a winning record in other organizations dying to get a shot in Pride.

oh i see, that list could take hours...IMO

"Or Dan Henderson fighting outside his weightclass when he could defend his belt to a worthy contender"

That gets me going.