Pride Bushido 1 tarp for sale

Asking serious cash so please only serious inquiries.  It's in the same shape as it was when it came off the ring.  Dos Caro's and Mishima's blood all over it.  Let me know.



email and I'll send pics

thats cool

did they just give it to you or what?

haha, i love how u advertise whos blood is on it.

Freaking awesome TTT

No sir they did not give it I bought it.



No sir they did not give it I bought it.


Apple as long as it's not my blood.  Email me I have another question for you.

A lot

How much ????????????????

You have mail

ebay should get you the most $$$ Chris.

I am asking 5K to start.  if someone jumps on it for that I will sell it for that.  If someone comes quick with more I will sell it for more.  I'm not trying to rob anyone.  They owe me 10K so I figure I'll get 1/2 of it.

i think you can get ALOT more than 5 grand

If I had money to throw around, I would grab that for sure.

EvilYoshida will give you 10k and his soul.

I think you should post a few pics here for us to gawk know we wanna see it

Westside, you should be able to get much more on eBay, from international bidders, imo

I was told to ask for 10K but I'll start at 5K and see how it goes

I keep trying to upload pics but it's not letting me like normal.  You can email me if you want to see it.

Why not take a few good pictures of it, with you in the pic, and start with an opening bid of 8,750? That way you don't have to pay for a "reserve auction," and there is a good chance of an opening bid leading to a bidding war (higher opening bid might not do that).

If you do that and get a lot for it, no need to thank me. Cash windfall or gear will suffice.