PRIDE Bushido 12 PBP Thread

K, since there is no PBP on MMA.TV I'll do one over here as well.

Right now the program is still going through its pre-event show.

no probs

First fight starts in just a few minutes.

Yes Chris Brennan is on the card against Kawajiri.

Here we go.

Daisuke Nakamura vs Seichi Ikemoto

first fight about to begin - I think it's Seichi Ikemoto vs. Daisuke Nakamura

Let's go Chris


Round 1:
Ikemoto goes for a kick and Nakamura catches it. Ikemoto takes Nak's back with Nak going futilely for the Sakuraba kimura. Nak reversesn position and slams Ike to the mat.

Nak mounts Ikemoto and Ike reverses position and now is on top. Ike mounts Nak and Nak turns his back.


nakamura by armbar

Both back up and Nak with the taken. Armbar attempt by Nak and Ike escapes out of it. Ikemoto on top now with Nak going for the kimura. Nak reverses Ike and takes top position. A ton of crazy ground work in this one. Nakamura gets another armbar on Ikemoto and Seichi has to tap out.

Daisuke Nakamura def. Seichi Ikemoto by Submission(Armbar)

Pancrase boots?

what's up with those old school boots he was wearing? I haven't seen those since Pancrase and maybe a fighter or two in Rings King of Kings tourney

Please try not to spoil the result until the PBP is posted. It's kind of anticlimatic.

now entering ring: Abe Hiroyuki vs. Matsushita Naoki

Nakamura was twisting his arm lika pretzel.

whos got a link????

Abe Hiroyuki vs. Matsushita Naoki is in round 1

sorry, jesse, it's not that simple. afreeca. go to the afreeca thread for a link on how to download and register for it - it's in korean

Naoki Matsushita vs Hiroyuki Abe

Round 1:

Both throw strikes and tangle up in the clinch. Abe with the underhooks. Not much happening here and the ref breaks them up. Nice kicks by MAt, one to the leg and one to the body. Lazy jabs by Abe hitting air. Nice 1-2 by Mat and they're back in the clinch. Matsushita works Abe to the ground and now in half guard.

Abe gets it back to full guard and the ref restarts them in the middle. A couple of week lefts from the top by Mat. Abe seems content to just hold on and wait for a stand up. Mat stands up and is now in the Sakuraba/Gracie position. A few kicks to the leg before the ref stands them back up again. Nice right by Abe countered with a 1-2 by Mat. Both guys only throwing isolated shots with neither attempting any combinations. Mat throws a high kick followed by a left straight(neither landing) to end round 1.

Matsushita takes that round by a narrow margin.