PRIDE Bushido @ Hooters/Vancity

Just got off the phone with Paul from Hooters on Bute @ Robson.Nice fellow.Definitely going to show Bushido at 6:00 pm,Sat.Hope the turn out is reasonable even though it's an old comp.Paul is aware that there is a shortage of places showing MMA PPV in Van,so if we storm the place at least once he might just keep it going from then on.

EDIT-SORRY!!Pride broadcast is Sunday,of course,NOT Saturday.Me chumptard.HOOTERS will be showing the fights MONDAY!!! @ 6:oopm.They are having their staff party Sunday.


ohh yes

Hope lots of people make it out.Please say hello.I'll be wearing a white Saku shirt.

EDIT-HOOTERS will air the fights on Monday @ 6:oo pm.They are having a staff party Sunday night.

My credibility wanes with every post.



You weasel bastard! My crew showed up Sunday night only to find large breasted women in tight t-shirts watching mixed martial arts ... BEHIND LOCKED DOORS! Oh ... the agony! Life is cruel.

We ended up at a Red Robin, and got into a screaming argument about whether or not a dogs mouth is really cleaner than a humans. I say no. Dogs don't brush their teeth! Someone began shouting "Dogs eat S**t! They have S**t breath"! People began staring at us, so we left and went to some Japanese video store where you could RENT Pride Bushido. Strange.

After this, we went for Gelato. Gelati? Ice cream made from neither ice nor cream.

Lol Jeff! I miss u already!

For the record there were no large breasted women. Just a guy throwing out the trash. Wombat was delusional from hunger.


Delusional? You spinny bastard! What sort of women do you think would be at a hooters staff party? Let me give you a hint ... large breasted ones! This is the cruel truth!

I still say we should've jumped on the trash boy and taken turns sneaking into the staff party, disguised in his uniform.

Instead we went to Red Robin. Bottomless fries ranked a distant second to big boobs and mixed martial arts!

Think of it, man! That is Valhalla!

there is a store on robson where u can rent mma vids.

The trash boy did have smug look on his face. Maybe he was going to hang w/ large breasted women.

Damn it! We were robbed!

OTH it was entertaining watching Todd yell about human mouths and dog assholes. Oh and the gelato was good.

lions-d: Yup that was the store we visited. Wombat was pissed he only had a week here.


the store is like a japanese grocery store and upstairs they got videos. im sure u guys could get the same vids at bushido in surrey. but anyways that japanese stor eis cool cause they got the original vid covers and stuff

Actually Bushido hasn't had anything new in terms of events, as far as I know. Lots of instructionals.

Plus the great thing about Konbinya is that they get their vids within a couple of weeks of events, whether it's Pride, Pancrase, or even Deep. Sadly no Shooto though.

Has anyone noticed the inundation of BJJ & NHB books at Chapters lately?


r-mon u knw i havent seen bjj boks at chapters. which one? i would like to check them out

Jean Jacques Black Belt Techniques, Renzo's Mastering Jiu-Jitsu, Royce's Street Self-Defense, Royler's Submission Wrestling, and one on NHB but I can't remember the guys who wrote it or the exact title, but there were heaps of them at the Chapters on Robson.

I might have seen a few more, but those are the only ones I can recall. Not even sure if those are the titles.


r-mon where they on the book shelves or in their computer system. wicked if they are on the bookshelves

See ya for the upcoming UFC.Let's take the place over.Nadine(I beleive is her name)works behind the bar and is a former FS wrestler/coach.Nice lady!

If anyone wants to clarify,please phone Paul.

hooters showing pride dec 29 6 pm, today!!!??

i saw royce book and renzos book at the chapters robson store