Pride Bushido II Commentator

"A guard pass almost DID HAVE Rodrigo Gracie!"

"Phenominal conditioning DOES HAVE Sean Sherk!"

Why did he keep talking like this? It was soooo annoying.

The fact that he would start talking about a position and then not finish his sentence cause he didnt know what it was, didn't bother me. But his voice tonality sounded like a dj on an "hip" oldies radio station. And this stupid way he would say things was killing the show for me...LOL. I wanted to mute it and just watch the fight, but then I would have missed Bas!!..LOL

"That was a takedown with a authority!"

This when the body building Sakaurai threw a knee and flopped to his back. Not sure if it was a slip or trip but it sure as hell wasn't a takedown with authority.

He was horrible.

"body building Sakaurai"

was that guy a body builder?

I agree that was a slip with the other guy falling on him.

He said Sherk was like a slippery eel. Also that Sherk looked like a kuala bear riding a tree during a storm. Then that awefull screatch after him and Bas were doing Jawz. "DAH, DUHM, DAH, DAHM, AHHHHHHHHH!" I was like WTF!? lol

And some other guy had nine lives like a cat. He had some thing about animal analogies.

beckwell, yeah they said they asked him if he did body building and he said he competed in it.

He said so many things that were goofy that made me chuckle at him, but when he was reversing his sentences it was driving me crazy..LOL

Instead of "Wow, Mirko Crocop has unbelievable kicks!"

He would have to say,

"Wow, tremendous kicks, does have Mirko Crocop." LOLOLOLOL


LOL at flowerfeeder!

One thing Pride can improve on. That guy was putting me to sleep. Bas is good, but they really need someone exciting to be in there. This is where Rogan excels. Also, I really enjoyed having Renzo in the booth.

"Let God sort 'em out." Renzos excellence :)