Pride DVDs

I have a few of them. Until last week the newest one I had was 11. Ive been looking around on sites to see whats new, best prices ect.Let me see if I have this correct, 1-18 are the only ones available(+gpelim,gpfinals)? Is there any rumors on when the newest ones will be relased?One site had a set of 5 for 22 bucks, dont know which ones (no discription). Is this the only "set" excluding gp sets?I found a deal last week. If anyone is interested in Pride 15,17,18 for only $6.89 each click here----> OVERSTOCK.COM. I ordered all 3 and got them in under a week.Anyone have any info?

The latest one is "Bad Blood" (Frye/Shamrock)

I heard February for the next releases.

I wonder if they are going to release one or 3-4 new ones.

I think the plan is for 2 events every 2 months until they get caught up. Bushido and the 12/31 show may be released in February as well.