PRIDE extras (maybe not on PPV)

Dunno if this was shown on ppv on your side, but a few extra notes on the Pride show:

The President of FILA (The worlds governing body for wrestling) and the President of JOC (Japan Olympic Comittee) attended the show and made announcements in the ring. They both said that they are impressed with the current and former medalists in Pride, and in the future hope to be sending more top level athletes! And this is from the top!!!

Ryan Gracie in his usual self lost his temper, hitting the refs hand. After the fight he took the mic and asked to fight Yoshi or Saku next. Nakamura walked into the ring and said Ryan should fight him next. Ryan responded by saying Nakamura can wait in line. Nakamura said Ryan should fight him first before taking on Yoshi or Saku. Ryan threw down the mic and went for Nakamura. Both had to be restrained.

Mirko has asked to fight the winner of Fedor/Mino, which is Fedor. Hopefully a Fedor/Mirko fight coming up. In the pre fight interviews Mirko said the Randleman loss was a lucky punch that wont happen again, and also said Randleman talks too much lol (He said the same about Barnett before their fight). Nice to see Mirko SMILING more often.

Hunt has asked to fight Mirko after his win over Silva

So in the future we have more Olympic calibre athletes making the jump to MMA, and the triangle match ups of Fedor/Mirko/Hunt.

2005 is gonna be a good year!

thanks for the updates!

Interesting stuff. Thanks.

That sounds good. I would like to see this leading to MMA in the Olympics.

I also think Ryan should have received a red card.


the ref was scared to give him a red card. Ryan would have beat the shit out of him.

Squatdog is correct. Forget about that part. After Mirko's win he said Randleman was a very good fighter, but he would also like to fight Coleman.

Mirko's English is actually quite good. The guy has some smarts between his ears.

Something else i forgot to mention, and not sure if it was shown in the USA PPV.During the opening Takada came wearing a traditional japanese 'coat' that looks like a "happi coat" (kinda similar to a kimono, but different). When he got to the main center drum he took it off, sporting nothing but a sumo style thong.

He then proceeded to play the taiko drums (Japanese style drums - very popular and traditional in Japan). Crowds were in awe upon seeing this. DEFINATELY raised Takada's stock in the eyes of many.