Pride FC Glove Keyring

Not sure if anyone will be interested in these, but thought they were quite rare as I don't often see them for sale:

Are they very hard to come by or not really? And can anyone tell if these are actually real from the picture? (Edit: just asked a friend and he doesn't think they are official ones actually)

I've ordered a few myself, so will check and upload some pics to see if they are legit/official as well. If anyone is interested in buying some, you might want to check if they ship internationally. If not, you're welcome to contact me and I'll try to get some to ship out to you, (will cost just the price of keychains plus shipping.) Though I'd wait first to see if they are official or remakes

If these aren't that rare at all, then sorry for making this thread haha :-)


Got a few years ago on eBay.

PTSandman - Got a few years ago on eBay.
Yeah every once in a while I see them on eBay. I actually think someone from these forums has some for sell on ebay currently as well? Not too sure though

Dawggy -  I sold a couple a few weeks ago. That pic looks legit. Doesn't seem like they're selling them for enough money to warrant having copies made. Never know though. If they are fakes, it will cost some money to ship them back and get a refund. Doesn't seem worth it. Phone Post
Yeah probably not worth trying it from the US due to shipping costs, but they are pretty cheap anyways so won't be losing much off it if they're not genuine.

Once I receive some I'll post some pictures so someone can see whether they're officials or not, as I'd like to know myself :-)

How much do the official glove keychains tend to sell for Dawggy?

They were $10 on the old PRIDEUS website.

I've seen them on ebay from $5-$20.

Cheaper than I thought they'd be actually! May keep an eye out for official ones on eBay if these ones turn out to be copys

$40? Really? I had one hanging on my keys for years. I also bought a Dream one at the merch table when I went to Dream 7