PRIDE FC in USA: Educate Me

OK, we all know PRIDE is having it's USA debut in Vegas in October. One of the big questions I have had regarding this is to do with what the rules will be. The articles I have read have stated that they WILL use a ring, but will NOT allow soccer kicks, nor knees to the head of a downed opponent. I understand this to be true due to NSAC regulations. Additionally, they will not allow elbow strikes to the head at any time (as is usual with PRIDE FC events in Japan). I am sure someone will correct me on these if I wrong.

So, if all that is true, won't the fights on this event come off pretty much like the IFL fights? Don't get me wrong...there is nothing at all wrong with IFL fights / rules... it is just not the same as PRIDE FC rules.

So, if all the above is true (or at least close to it) wouldn't it be better for PRIDE to consider having it's American event in Hawaii? Again, please correct me if I am wrong, but I could swear I remember seeing some ICON events that allow soccer kicks, knees to the head of downed opponent, AND elbows to the head. Sure, Hawaii may not draw the same live crowd as Vegas (then again, maybe it would)...but isn't it all about the PPV anyway?


it is true. and no 10 minute first rounds either.

Total shit.

It's the UFC without elbows in a ring.

So would it possibly be better if they would have chose Hawaii?

Yes, Pride USA rules = the IFL rules.

Agreed Jim... I see Randleman by KO.

Agreed Jim... I see Randleman by KO.

why no elbows? That sucks

Pride is going to have a team concept also?

" Pride is going to have a team concept also?"

Yes, it's Team Pride (Fedor, Shogun, Barnett, Hunt) versus the JOB Squad (Coleman, Randleman, Nastula, Butterbean).

"why no elbows? That sucks "

Pride never allows elbows to the head. You can read countless thread at Sherdog (and probably here too) on the merrits of PRIDE vs UFC and elbows vs knees and footstomps and whatnot. Bottom line is elbows to the head cause fights to end by cut and PRIDE people chose to go a different route.

I think the footstomps, soccerkicks, and knees to the head of downed opponents are a great trade off. I am saddened to see they won't be allowed.

I am not a big fan of IFL rules, although I do like just about all MMA, so I will live with it I guess.

Pride needs to start bringing big money to Vegas so that they have some clout with the NSAC to get knees on the ground allowed. Until they can grease the right palms, it will stay like this.