Pride fc poster Questions

I am new to collecting pride FC japanese Posters and have a few questions.

From what i understand they come in 3 sizes.

B1 = 28x40 appr
B2 = 20x30 appr
B3 = 15x21 appr

1. Did they make all 3 sizes for all events?
2. are the bigger posters always more valuable and sought after?
3. what size did they have event signed versions?

Thanks in advance for any help.

by the way i am looking for the following pride japanese versions of the following posters in the most sought after size for that event.

pride 1 -signed or unsigned
Pride FC - GP Finals 2000 -signed or unsigned
Pride FC - GP Finals 2003 -signed or unsigned
Pride FC - GP Finals 2005 -signed or unsigned
Pride FC 34 - Kamikaze -event signed

1)I could be wrong, but I haven't seen B1's for every event.

2)Seems like it depends, a lot of people like the B2 size since they probably are the easiest to come by and are a pretty good size.

3) Hopefully someone else can answer that, I have seen different sizes.

Good luck collecting man, I love pride posters!

I know they didnt make all three sizes for all events in the begining I dont think they made any B3s but could be wrong.

Seems like the B2s are more valuable but again I could be wrong.And Im pretty sure they did the signed ones on B2 only.Im sure someone here will know for sure.

But I could be wrong LOL!

Thanks for the input so far. From what I gather the B3 were more like the mini posters of today, more like flyers than posters. The b2's were like the regular event posters and what were signed and the b1's were like promotional and arena used.


Pride didn't do B1's for every event and some of the ones they did are really hard to find, yet most MMA poster collectors could care less about them... the standard is the B2 so that's all that people want but in the movie poster collecting world, people want anything but the standard! B1's of movie posters sell for X3 what the B2's do.

Wall space is valuable in Japan, that's why we have the B3's if you are trying to collect B3's of every Pride event I think your going to come up short by a few posters.... but I could be wrong!!! :P

Crazy. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it...but I could be wrong! :)

CoopDiddy - Smartass....

LOL I actually didnt mean it towards you coop just noticed you wrought that.

Thanks for the info Brian, I would be very interested in any b2 signed by card or most of the card of any of the posters that i listed. Again thanks for all the info, i believe all of my questions were answered... but i could be wrong.

There are different versions of most pride posters too. There are 8 versions of the pride 1 poster but only 1 event poster for it.

I know of at least 9 different Pride 1 posters.

wow 9 different pride 1's? can anyone list them and which one would be the most sought after B2 version?

Thanks for the pics. I think i like the second one the best, but I like yours better than the third one just because it has both rickson and takada on it. And it has really good looking autos on it.

heres 5 of them

 Is there a B3? I never saw one... just B2's and larger... 9 different versions total.

Yumaslim How scarce are the B2 versions of pride 1 and did they make any signed by card versions or signed by rickson/takada versions or are those just posters that people got signed on their own?

I have never seen a signed by the card pride 1. The posters I have seen are printe signatures as part of the poster. The ones i have seen signed, have been signed at a later time on their own.

I think there are 4 B1 pride 1 posters(not 100% sure). The Pride 1 event poster is B2 all i have seen. Other pride 1 posters are odd sizes.

is this the event poster? and how rare or available is it? thank you very much for the info.