Pride FC Themed Fight Screens for the UFC

Pride Themed Fight Screens for the UFC.

Pride always used some really creative fight screens. I thought it would be neat to see how it would look if the UFC used them. They are short 10 second screens. Give it a look if you enjoyed the pride fight screens. Press HQ to watch in high quality.

Fight Screen 1 Above. GSP vs Matt Serra made to look like a Pride Bushido Fight Screen.

Fight Screen 2

GSP vs Karo made to look like Pride FC cardboard pop up fight screen.

Fight Screen 3

GSP vs Thomas Denny at UCC (now TKO) using a mortal kombat theme i made.

Fight Screen 4

Since i had a template built why not a Fedor vs a Grizzle Bear fight screen

fight 5

the MMA Prairie Dog



Great stuff, as usual.

bwahahaha I have the same mask that Denny was wearing...including the shoulder pads....bought it 10 years ago for Halloween

Great stuff man!

 lmaoo.. dude those are great!

The bear only had 3 fights to get fedor? Sounds like another oversized heavyweight currently in the mix.

Nice work again. Nice 10 second fighter intros reminded me of pride and mortal kombat.

Fedor vs Grizzly Bear = awesome


i dont like that opera music ufc tale of the tape =(

i liked how Pride had different fight screns. That show they had in vegas had some cool mosaic fight screens too.