Pride fighters respect

Just some thoughts here. I loved the way the Pride fighters were so respectful to each other after the fights. I always like seeing two guys who just tried to blast each other pick each other up, or when the loser raises the victor's hand, etc.

In my opinion, the UFC would do well to learn from this. The WWE style pre-fight smack is getting old. If we're ever going to have this sport seen as legitimate in the US, it needs to be perfectly clear to the McCain's out there that these guys are professional athletes, not gladiators who are trying to kill each other. I think a little less shit talking and a little more sportsmanship would help.

Comments like "I'm going to beat him into the living death" and creating the image of bad blood between fighters are not helping the sport. They might get you a couple more ppv buys, but in the long run it's a bad marketing strategy in my opinion. The fights need to be seen as legitimate, professional contests, not grudge matches.


You mean giving your opponent the double finger is not good sportsmanship?

ttt for more responses and hopefully Dana seeing this.

I completely agree. As much as I indulge in the guilty please of rooting against the Phil Baronis of hte world, the sport would be better off if more fighters conducted themselves like sportmen rather than thugs. JMHO.

I agree. while the fighters in pride are congratulating eachother, talking etc.. trigg is giving hallman the finger while hes out cold.