Pride Fighters vs. Liddell

I used to think the pride fighters like Wand Shogun etc would mop up Liddell but now I realize they would get MAULED. Pride allows one to Barry Bonds. Look at Baroni now, he is in heaven. With UFC testing would SHogun or Wanderlai have a chance in hell against Liddell in the UFC?? Would Barry Bonds hit 70 plus?? Lets compare appples to apples here. Look what happened to Rampage when he got jesused and got off the stuff. Would this clean Rampage hang with Liddell?? Hell no

Chuck may be on a roll right now but all the guys you mentioned plus arona, and babalu would have a better than average chance of beating him.

babulu would get mauled

Babalu would do the mauling.

Speculation is not fact.

But if we're gonna by what fighters have accomplished so far, Chuck is as up there, if not more, than anyone.

Lil Nog could beat Lidell up and down roid or no roids. Superior in everypart of the game apart from power (the great equalizer)

Lil Nog is totally such a better wrestler than Chuck, eh?

And let not forget that power aint shit if you cant land it, which Chuck somehow, supposed no technique aside, always does...and leaves opponents unconscious.

Its cool to speculate as fact though.

I think lil nog is vastly underrated. great boxer, great subs, tough as hell, lots of heart

All the nutthuggers will still deny what you are saying, even though it is true.

Babalu may not beat Chuck but he already beat Pride`s best fighter in his division. He would do it again too.

lil nog is definitely the man. And why do people say that everyone in Pride is roided out?

You have a good point with lil Nog. But IM sick of everybody saying Rampage would beat Chack in the UFC. Rampage without the Barry Bonds stuff will get brutally KOed


Chack is at the top of his game right now. very hard fight for ANYONE

I have to think that Chuck would probably have his way with Arona, at least.

On or off the juice?

I actually think Yoshida could possibly beat Chuck.

Yoshida is hated by many on the forum, but i remember two performances against the Axe Murderer which showed a ton of heart and toughness. I think he could give anyone a good fight.

Chuck is the best LHW in the world today.

Yoshida would beat a de-juiced Vanderlai

believe dat

Assuming they use steroids and you know for sure,if they where forced to no longer take them thier body would fall apart,prolonged use of steroids followed by a stop of the habit destroys you.

google search steroids and check it out.

than once again imagine putting that person into a fight with chuck taking into account what thier body is going through.