pride final conflict 2004

First two fights have been AWESOME!!!

The fights were okay with a couple of good fights. The next round should weed out the rif raf (Giant, Ogawa, Kharinatov) leaving a solid tournament.

The final 4 will be Nog, Fedor, Herring, Schilt

Kharinatov looked plenty legit to me. Although I gotta question Murilo's choice to keep it standing when Sergey had such a considerable reach advantage.

Sergei looked like he got a gift in the form of an overweight Ninja. I think it's still ?able if he's the real deal.

I'm going to agree with you, because you make sense.

"I am not doubting Sergei's ability but I want to see him fight a hw (instead of the Haagen Daaz sponsored Ninja)"