Pride/FSN Confusion...

Read below. It was on MMA Weekly. It seems like a big mistake that
they are penalizing the pay-per-view people by not showing the
matches that are going to be on FSN a week later. So they aren't
showing Live on PPV the Baroni fight, the Kang fight, and another to be
determined, so they can air them live on FSN!

I think that is lame and a mistake! They should be loyal to the people
that shell out the PPV cash!!!!


From Dream Stage Entertainment
March 28, 2006

LOS ANGELES, California - Three bouts from PRIDE FIGHTING'S
upcoming event, BUSHIDO Volume 10, will be shown exclusively on Fox
Sports Net (FSN) on Sunday, April 9th at 9:00pm local time �
Phil Baroni versus Yuki Kondo, Mark Weir versus Denis Kang, and a
third fight to be announced.

The remainder of the fight card will premiere on North American pay
per view on April 3rd, 2006 at 10:00pm EST, 7:00pm PST via
Viewer's Choice Canada.

Fightcard and Schedule
Date: Sunday, April 9th, 2006
Time: 9:00pm Local Time

Phil Baroni (USA) vs. Yuki Kondo (Japan)
Denis Kang (South Korea) vs. Mark Weir (UK)
Match # 3 (To Be Announced April 2nd)

North American Pay Per View Fightcard and Schedule
PPV Premiere Date: Monday, April 3rd, 2006
Premiere Time: 10:00pm EST, 7:00pm PST

Takanori Gomi (Japan) vs. Marcus Aurelio (Brazil)
Dan Henderson (USA) vs. Kazuo Misaki (Japan)
Jen Pulver (USA) vs. Masakazu Imanari (Japan)
Luiz Azeredo (Brazil) vs. Joachim Hansen (Norway)
Murilo "Ninja" Rua (Brazil) vs. Paulo Filho (Brazil)
Ikuhisa "The Punk" Minowa (Japan) vs. "Giant" Silva (Brazil)
Akihiro Gono (Japan) vs. Kim Dae Won (South Korea)
Mitsuhiro Ishida (Japan) vs. Paul Rodriguez (USA)
Seichi Ikemoto (Japan) vs. Yves Edwards (USA)

(Fight card and fights shown on FSN or pay per view broadcasts are
subject to change)

BUSHIDO VOLUME 10 will be available at a rate of $29.95.

For additional replay times, please contact your pay per view provider

dude, they are showing 9 other fights on the PPV. the UFC doesn't give you nine fights.


"So they aren't showing Live on PPV"

Pride shows nothing live on PPV over here. And those fights on FSN will be even further from live.

Secondly, you're right it sucks those fights will not be on the PPV. FSN is to draw people in who haven't started buying Pride PPVs imo. So those people will likely not know the results of the fights, therefore they may as well just air some of the PPV fights later, on FSN.

That's still gonna be 8 fights on the PPV. I could see if the card was to have 8 fights total and only 5 were shown on PPV, but the card's gonna have 11 fights.

SwampRocker - I guess you are right, but 6 days later is a bit lame. (But i
guess it is a good sign for the future. At least FSN is getting more and
more interested...)

attjack - good point about the "not live" thing... but i am glad you agree
about the fact that it isn't quite right! and you are right -- the people
that watch the FSN will not know or care if these were shown before, so
why not show them, and the people that bought the PPV will probably
watch them AGAIN on FSN anyway because they are free and good TV....

The main problem is that they are taking good fights on paper and not giving them to the guy who is buying the product. Plus those fights might end up boring or sucking for some other reason and then will they still air those on FSN?


This show is going to be on PPV on Monday night??

Exactly, attjack!

(And I have to admit it feels good to be agreed with by someone with so
many posts!!!!! )

So this is different fromthe UFC showing their prelims later on Unleashed, how? Oh, beacuse you are only getting 5 instead of the 8 fights from Pride.

"And I have to admit it feels good to be agreed with by someone with so many posts!!!!!"

Not much else to do when you're on death row.

good point Sangaku

^^^Sad but true^^^

["So this is different from the UFC showing their prelims later on Unleashed, how?"]

Well for one, they edit the hell out of the fights on FSN (To date, I dont think they've shown an enitire round of any fight, its always edited, sometimes just showing the final minutes- and no ground ko's kicks or stomps).

Even if they didnt, with the first round being ten minutes, they'd have to cut it off in teh middle and cut to a commercial.

But point number one is all that matters.

If they are going to take a few fights off the ppv card for tv, make it Kang-Weir, Gono-Dae Won, and Ishida-Rodriguez (notice how I didnt say Silva-Minowa because I dont want to see it period)

Why not? Minowa will win.

"From Dream Stage Entertainment March 28, 2006"

That is very interesting. What better way to advertise both DSE fighters and announce, to a national television audience, the upcoming debut of the IFL!!!

Wanna bet the TBD fight is Yves?

hopefully its the Hendo fight, then I will have no reason to spend the $30 lol

I typically defend pride but I am not defending the ridiculious people at dse usa. I dont know who is responsible for the majority of the dse usa decisions, but this was not there brightest one. I see on sherdog there is hundreds of posts and emails being sent to pride.

Regardless I dont see how anyone can say they dont have the ppv now, regardless of the 3rd fight, there is no way I am missing gomi/Aurilo, Hansen/Azeredo, Filho/Ninja, or unlike some Pulver/Imanari which I think will be exciting.