Pride gives yellow card too easily

i guess they are trying save every possible cents


the giving the bottom position guy a yellow card is BS imho.

A few of the yellow cards were pretty quick at Shockwave.IMO.

IMO I think they just want to keep the fights exciting and keep the stalling to a minium

minus $10k per yellow card right? That's saving DSE lots of dough.

Can the ref not stand up the fighters without giving a yellow card?


They give out too many of them.

Can someone do the math and see what they saved in the last event, or even better all of 04 with the yellow cards? I know you would have to know how much a fighter made per fight. A lot of times it's known, if it's not known we could also take an educated guess.

I agree, too many, too quickly.

yep, there have been some legitimate yellow cards but for the most of time it doesn't seem too necessary

If I were a fighter and knew that just some ref pulling a card out of his pocket would deduct 10% of my pay, I would really feel disturbed by that. This screams of litigation.

Hey, they signed the contract. I'm sure yellow cards are covered in there.

I was a little surprised at the yellow they gave Hunt, since Silva stalled like hell when he had mount earlier in the match.

Maybe they need the first yellow cards to just deduct points from the fight and not take their cash?

Shamrok, don't sweat it bro. That's the way stuff is in this country. The white man can't call anyone anything or he'll be branded a racist. But everyone else can call him anything they want, and not be branded as racists. It's PC, and I hate it. I think this guy had nothing better to do and just wanted to bust balls.

Yeah I mean wtf! Punching the ref! Maybe if he took him down and ko'd him then that MIGHT warrant a yellow card. But I mean the ref is in the ring, I can't believe they whip those yellow cards out so easy!