Pride GP actually on PPV Sunday!

I kind of assumed there would be a week delay. This is AWESOME!

Oh yeah????????????


So it is same day delay? nice!

awesome... got no where to watch it but awesome!

I can't wait. I just had a friend come back from the military who has never seen Pride. He's in for a spectacle!

Are they showing all nine fights?? I hope so.

I must tape animal face-off and sopranos.

anyone in south florida having a pridefc party?


"I hope they do a good job with the American production of the show"

I would rule that out for this one since it is same day. They have like 12 hours to edit and throw the production together.

The current plan id for them to show all of their pay-per-views on the same day, in North America, and live, once they begin promoting in the United States.

or wacked..

You can always catch the Sopranos re-run on Tuesday.

They are on different nights. This Sunday's episode will be replayed the following Tuesday night at 11:00PM (West Coast).

Luvmachine, are you kidding me? Fucking lame. Tape Sopranos when they replay one of their 4 times in the week....

I think the entire gp is on the same day delay.

Although I hope bushido times get moved closer to the airdate.

Kondo vs Silva is next month.

the sport desperatly needs more PPVs

"...I hope bushido times get moved closer to the airdate..."

The third installment of Bushido will also air on the same day in North America, May 23.

Charles i am looking for a place to watch as well a house a bar etc as i am unable to order the ppv.

So when does Pride start Pacific time? Not the PPV but the actual event?

I am getting it at my place in North Atlanta if there is anyone with nowhere else to watch it.