Pride GP:Gan Mgee vs S. Schilt

According to Tatame Magazine webiste, DSE confirmmed the last fight from the Pride GP first round. Gan Mgee and Semmy Schilt will be facing each other on th next Sunday.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

if Gan fights smart he should win

Gan wrestled in college and should be able to take him down and pound him

But, if Gan tries to stand up with Semmy....Semmy will knock his head in the 6th row :)

McGee keeps his hands too low. I'll go with Schilt on this one.

Nowadays there are so many freakshow fights that 2 near 7 footers going at it doesn't even sound strange.
This could be an easy fight for McGee if he had a shot.
But I've never seen him show one, OR any kind of strategy.They say Gan can wrestle.But he doesn't seem to want to.
So I say Semmy demolishes him standing.

Schilt by KO.

Gan has said he wants to stand up. Of course, that was before he knew for sure who he was fighting. I hope he changes his gameplan.

Regardless, I pick Schilt by TKO.

I'll take Semmy by KO.

I'm actually looking forward to this fight. I'll take Senny. He has really good ground defense. I expect Gan to get the early takedown. Once it gets stood up Semmy will proceed to KO Gan.

Peter P

Both lost to Josh Barnett- he should be in the GP.....

I have never seen Gan GnP.

dougie, watch UFC 28. he takes barnett down and passes his guard into mount.

Ok. Thanx for the heads up.

Why doesn't he td and gnp? (McGee)... Maybe he's trying to keep the fans happy?

semmy by ko

I think Gan may show some strategy in this one and take it to the ground for a Gnp win.

Should be an entertaining fight, but why it's in the "Grand Prix" is anyone's guess. Neither of these two fighters have a realistic expectation of advancing past the second round.

Anyone know the entire line up

IMO this makes the GP 1st round more interesting. Both these guys are dangerous and believe it or not could give someone trouble in the 2nd stage.


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Alternate fighter:
Ron Waterman

I disagree Liverkick - I think Schilt has the potential to upset any of the top three fighters if they're a bit off or he gets lucky.