PRIDE GP: June Brackets Announced!

"PRIDE GP: June Brackets Announced!
Submitted by: ADCC NEWS / MMA Editor
Posted On 06/01/2004

PRIDE Heavyweight GRAND PRIX - Second Round
June 20th, 2004
Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan

DSE officially announced the PRIDE GP 2nd round matchups.

PRIDE Heavyweight GP:
- Emelianenko Fedor vs Kevin Randleman
- Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Heath Herring
- Naoya Ogawa vs Giant Silva
- Semmy Schilt vs Sergei Kharitonov

- Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson vs Ricardo Arona
- Kazushi Sakuraba vs Nino 'Elvis' Schembri
- Mark Hunt vs Hidehiko Yoshida

Additionally, the big announcement of K-1 star Mark Hunt appearing on this event may be DSE's first salvo in their battle with K-1. K-1's first all MMA event 'ROMANEX' got good reviews, but seems to have suffered from low attendance and ratings, and there are rumors of a worked match or two (who knows). K-1 is rumored to be planning 'ROMANEX 2' this fall. There are rumors of a bidding war between PRIDE and K-1 for 28-year old Judo star Yoshihiro Akiyama .

Meanwhile, the postponed Yuki Kondo vs. Vanderlei Silva bout appears to be officially set for the 8/15 PRIDE event at Saitama Super Arena. Takada also stated that while any plans for PRIDE in Las Vegas in September have been postponed, there will be an expansion of PRIDE in America and Brazil in 2005.

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Here are my picks...

PRIDE Heavyweight GP:

Emelianenko Fedor over Kevin Randleman

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira over Heath Herring

Naoya Ogawa over Giant Silva

Sergei Kharitonov over Semmy Schilt


Ricardo Arona over Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson

Kazushi Sakuraba over Nino 'Elvis' Schembri

Hidehiko Yoshida over Mark Hunt


ogawa vs giant could be a work just in case. (he should be able to win, but i doubt he'd want to to have to work for it)

Why do I have the feeling that Kevin might pull a win against Fedor from his hat, against all odds?

remember that look on yoshida's face when tamura punched him? what's he going to do when he eats a few from mark hunt trying to get him to the ground?

so the PPV is gunna be same day which means ya got UFC then the next day Pride ?

Dang, I loved the last Pride tournament. This one is not even gonna manage to sell me a PPV.

Fedor by KO
Heath by dec
Ogawa by dec
Sergei by TKO
Arona via sub
Saku by KO
Hunt by KO

You heard it here first!


please please please....god let my prayers be answered...and let Randleman go in there and pull off the upset...he has the skills to do it...i'll be rooting for you monster!!

LOL - Big Pun do you even know who Arona is ???? Rampage may win but I dout is will be easy. and I believe Arona will win.

"Dang, I loved the last Pride tournament. This one is not even gonna manage to sell me a PPV. "

Are you talking about Total Elimination or the MW tourney last year. This PPV will be alot better than the 1st round of the HW GP, but definitely not as good as the MW tourney

Ogawa - Silva Hahah I knew that one was coming . Hahaha.