Pride GP style intro's for Saturday night

From Ariels twitter

"Solid chance we see a PRIDE GP style intro on Saturday night with all 8 heavyweights."

Someone on another site posted the seating chart for Staurday and looks like a big sectioned off area for the ramp, hope they do it

That's cool, but it would be cooler if all 8 were actually fighting that night.

That would be really cool. Something for the people to see who have never witnessed a Japanese event. Phone Post

 Strikeforce is the new Pride.


pic of the seating chart

Can't wait to see it

That would be nice but the two Strikeforce shows I've been to the seating was set up the same way.They had pyrotechnics that shot out in that area and a walk out platform.They might be doing it but the seating has been that way for most of the shows.


awesome....super excited for this show