Pride GP The Freak Show

Pride gp was more like ringling brothers and pride. oh man thier were some genitic freaks on that show. Big Uncorodinated Mofos (B.U.M)

Last month called, it wants it's thread back.

Unoriginal bitch.

You my friend are a Kriticly Konfused Moron (K.K.M.)

Don't get all pussyhurt, legbender.

aww, some don't feel special anymore. Ok here you go you can have your thread back.

I did not make the first thread. Or the 2321th one either...

I'm sick of people knocking Pride, when they put on a show that people actually want to watch. God forbid.

yo legbender no ones is knocking pride here. well i am not knocking pride. it's a great show