PRIDE History Quiz - How Is Your Knowledge?

I decided to make a PRIDE quiz, give it a go guys and post your scores please.

This is a UFC quiz...

John M - 

This is a UFC quiz...

Oops try again lol.

False advertising!

  1. Yikes those where pretty tricky. Phone Post 3.0

I got a 60. Pretty tough.

i got 100, but i guessed on two and got lucky

40, I suck :( Phone Post 3.0

John M -

This is a UFC quiz...

60 Phone Post 3.0

Ltr Phone Post 3.0

Well guys, answering abacadaba did fuck-all in terms of correct answers. Phone Post 3.0

Fifty Phone Post 3.0


I had no idea on the wrestling WWE one.


Kneeblock - 

I did horribly! 40%

Those were tough. I actually had to put on my thinking cap. These weren't just fight questions, but behind the scenes stuff.

I feel this test is rigged Phone Post 3.0

90% Phone Post 3.0


After I finished, my score said: "Full Retard."

I don't think that's very good. I thought I knew a lot about Pride until I went epic fail on this quiz.

Nice job! Great questions and cool looking format.

50%, with guesses.

Several of those q's I didn't even know how to frame, like the ones involving prowrestlers and a PRIDE reality show?

Fun fact: "Pride #1 fanboy" scored zero.