Pride HW GP: Who's in so far?

Unoffically of course. I hear 16 fighters will be in But who do you think will be scratched from this rumored list?

1) Fedor (Doesn't have to, but I think he will)

2) CroCop (On a mission-no doubt)

3) Mino (He'll be in for sure)

4) Herring (sounds like he's in)

5) Coleman (He lives for tournaments - he's in)

6) Gracie (I doubt it - probably a special match)

7) Yoshida (See Gracie)

8) Igor V (Of course)

9) Frye (Who knows? He deserves it though)

10)Sakuraba (Probably - hope not though)

11)Henderson (I love the fact he's interested)

12)Takayama (Probable punching bag)

13)Karitonov (? - Not deserving yet)

14)Schilt (Sure, always a threat)

15)Nakamura (Who is this?)

16)Yamamoto (Probably - Need Japanese of course)

17)Kondo (Way too small - wouldn't mind though)

18)Tamura (He'll be in I think)

Who else is rumored? Dana said no more UFC dudes. Kerr?, Big Daddy? Waterman? I wish Pedro would go but he's probable for K-1 right?

i talked to coleman at the ufc and he said he was in negotiations to get in.

Coleman is negotiating to be in the next UFC? Awesome! Spread the word everybody: Coleman vs. Shamrock at the next UFC!

no, he was in negotiations to be in the GP

didn't Ninja also want in?

Why wasnt Hendo in the LHW GP?

Hendo was hurt.

I don't care how they pair everyone up, as long as Mirko and Fedor have to fight before Mino has to face either of them...

This is all thats in, the definately confirmed are.

Minotauro, Crocop, Fedor, were the first announced.

Herring, Igor, Kharitov.

Yamamoto most likely wont be in, pride is making him fight crocop at bushido, apperantly they dont think he deserves to be in there.

Honhestly I think they wanted kerr in there. After the show dse president mentioned herring, igor, kharitov, and did not even say anything about yamamoto. He did mention kerr has a chance to get in.

Yamamoto does not even seem popular with the japanese.

I would not be surprised if we see royce vs yoshida, and kondo vs vanderlei in the opening round.

I hope Sapp is in

barnett, mcgee, sylvia?

Kazayuki Fujita.

Is Kerr definitely out? It seemed like they might still let him in from his post-fight interview.

I would just say kerr's chances of being in are alot better then yamamotos.

But doesn't that take away from the legitimacy of their "survival match"?

Make it a 16 man and bring in all the guns like Fujita and Erikson who while they may not be top ranked can definetly do some damage.

who on that list could beat vanderlei? in your opinion.
i mean anyone could on any given night but who do you think will likely beat vanderlei if any.
Fedor- has a good chance, vanderlei could still win
cro cop- same chance as fedor
mino- would be toughest for vanderlei
herring- silva by tko
coleman- silva by tko
gracie- silva by tko
yoshida- silva by tko/decision
igor- good fight someone by tko, likely silva
frye-silva by tko
sakuraba- no need to answer this one haha
henderson- could go either way, leaning to silva
takayama- silva by tko
karitonov- dont know enough about him
schilt- awkward fight for silva
nakamura- see karitonov
yamamoto- silva by tko
kondo- silva by tko in a great striking fight
tamura- silva by tko
kerr- silva by tko
barnett- difficult fight for silva
mcgee- silva by tko
sylvia- tough one also, silva by tko eventually

ok so how many of those did i pick while doing too much meds?? lol
i think i did a fair job lets hear it

that hurts my eyes.

Paul Varlens ? I hope not. This guy hasn't fought for like 6 years and the only thing he had going for him back then is size.

Well - Fujita is in K-1 and Barnett just re-signed. So they are probably out.

Now this Sumo wrestler is in? ha. That's cool I guess.

Maybe Rampage will go in. He's big enough.