Pride Inferno-worth it?

is this ppv as bad as I've heard, and is it worth buying?

not worth $30

Is it worth $12?

Watching the pure heart of Alexander Otsuka fight
his way back after a devastating groin shot that
actually broke his cup is definitely worth the price of
the ppv........NOT!

Defintly order it! These people bitch about everything.

sorry sorry

It was OK. Not to the level of the last few PRIDEs but I don't think it was much worse than the last UFC.

"The Pre show is worth more than the actual fights."

100% true. DO NOT pay for this PPV. Cro-Cop soccer-kicks H2O. There. I just gave away BY FAR the best part.

It depends what $30 is worth to you. If it means taking a bus instead of a cab for the next couple days? If so, the get it! It's MMA!! You get to see Igor, Mirco, Ninja etc.

If spending $30 means you're kids won't eat this week then I would probably pass.

It was worth it I would say but it was not up to par with the shows Pride has been doing lately. Don't tell DSE or Zuffa but I used to pay $50 for a boxing PPV back in the day and you never knew what you would get for an undercard. This sub par Pride still beat any of those $50 boxing PPVs hands down.