Pride is great, but I like UFC

Not a noob, not trollin', I like the UFC better. I like the cage over the ring by far. I think the UFC builds up better storylines. To me, each Pride fight seems like a separate exhibition fight. I know the talent is better in Pride for the most part, but I just like the UFC. Anyone else?

I like both. usually more satisfied with Pride though.

I support both promotions. Pride put's on a much better production.

Pride is better on the whole imo.

Grady is correct.

The Japanese PPV production is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the US version. They have very good fighter intros that give us a glimpse into the personality of the fighters etc.

I support both as well. I always buy the UFC, buy every other Pride. The no elbows with no knees is really changing the ground game in this event.

i gotta admit i agree ,especially the cage part

Why its "to japanese"

i think and have always thought that the cage is much much safer for MMA than a ring

i slightly prefer the UFC to Pride, but i like them both

Pride is good and all, but how will I know when a poor action/horror movie is coming out? Seriously, I need to know if Crank or similar movies are coming out soon.

In all seriousness, the Korean version I watch on streams at 2am is better than the US production, in terms of production values. (Only problem being I don't understand Korean.)

I think the cage works out better in an all out fight.Walls stopping the fighters when the run accross the ring and slam someone or go in for a rough Clinch.


The ropes seem too fragile and the fighters seem comfortable with putting their back on the ring corners for support.

They both have good and bad things, I'm just happy we get live ppvs from Pride now =P

It would be way better if they let them use thier own rules.
Whats with Vitor OMG I think he needs to stop fighting and focus on priest hood

"The ropes seem too fragile and the fighters seem comfortable with putting their back on the ring corners for support"

i've seen alot of guys go through or over the ropes and get hurt falling out of the ring. that's my main problem with the ring in mma

Look at the card !

Half of the fighters are Ex-UFC losers !

So how can PRIDE be superior ?

If you're going to compare "storylines" you really need to watch the Japanese version of the PPV. They show intros and clips that aren't shown on the US PPV. Even if you don't understand Japanese you'll be in awe with the compilations they put up before the fight, footage at home, childhood-footage, training footage, all that good stuff. Pride, Hero's as well are hands down superior to the UFC in terms of "storylines".

"ummm...rarely has anyone fallen out of a PRIDE ring... much less, gotten injured"

it has happened though

it happens fairly often in Shooto and Pancrase too. One of Frank Shamrock's fights with Bas was stopped on a cut because of them going through the ropes. At least one fight in Superbrawl was stopped for the same reason

i realize that all rings are not the same, but you'll see people go through the ropes of any ring more often than you'll see them go through the cage of any cage

"Jason, we're talking about PRIDE rings, though"

i think it has more to do with Pride having good experienced fighters who watch out for that kind of thing, not the actual construction of the ring. if Pride has enough shows with the ring it has now, someone will eventually go through or over the ropes and get hurt. its just a matter of time

I much prefer a cage, whether people fall out of the ring or not I don't like the restarts, also the added dimension of pushing off the cage and clinching and pushing your opponent into the cage adds more to the fight. And of course, no elbows just bothers me. I do like that they normally can kick on the ground.

I like pride too, but UFC is definately a better show, im spending the $'s to go to 66 but would never spend the same money to go to this tonight, and there have been good fights tonight, its just lacking something

I prefer UFC too...this intemission had dragged on for over half an hour now.