Pride is in 10 hour.....

isnt it?


cant wait to hear that lady announcer scream off fighter names. shes fucking ridiculous but thats what makes it so hilarious.

With repect to possible upsets, I'll go out on a limb, and pick Randelman to stop Cro Cop by ground beating.

Otherwise, I like Fedor, Nog, Herring, Ogawa, Schilt and Giant Silva.


CRO COP could have troubles if Randelman gets him down

how long to go?! i was expecting to log on and find results now! its 11 am here!

On my DTV guide it says its on at 5am central 4/25/04 ?

what time is the U.S PPV?

its on at 2:30pm here.

the website says it starts at 8:30pm? Is that just promo stuff and the fights start at 9?

how many hours to go?

One hour for the event start. Japanese TV is showing a preview with some footage and interviews fromm all the Pride GP fighters.

Colemann was on the screen few minutes ago.

Now some Fedors footage.

Sparring with Alistair Overeem...

so the fights havent started yet?

so the earlier post about spoilers was just a hoax?

No. The show will be starting in 50 minutes.

Japanese oppinion about Fedort vs Colemann fight:



it'll be interesting to see if Coleman has finally met someone he can't dominate in takedowns!?