Pride looking to sign......

BJ PENN!!!! since he has only 1 fight left on his K-1 contract. they want him for their upcoming lightweight GP. got this off

dude, chill, i didn't know. just trying to get info out.

i'd like to see BJ in Pride. throwing him in their lightweight grand prix would be sweet.

The Gomi-Penn rematch is right around the corner. It would be an awesome fight. Gomi looks like a different fighter these days. We all know Penn gets better and better. I want to see this fight happen again soon.

BJ in Pride? WOW!

Penn's K-1 contract prohibits him from fighting in Pride, and I don't think there will be enough K-1 MMA events between now and the Pride GP for BJ to fulfill his contract in time to participate.

boo yah. wonder if bj gained enough weight to fight fedor :)