Pride March 26 Vegas show on?

On sportsnavi today takada and sakuraba spoke.

Sak said he wanted to fight on march 26 in vegas, and they also said the show would be a joint ufc and pride show, and they want to do double title matches in octagonal ring. They mentioned couture vs silva.

This was the original plan and looks like its still a go.

I believe that Bas Rutten said on MMA News Weekly that the show is off until the summer.But check there to be sure.No this is not a plug!

He did but speculation is he was told wrong. He was also the person that said that to mmaweekly, but it appears either pride changed there mind, or bas was informed wrong.

They want to do unification matches in Vegas on the March show. That sounds good to me.

I don`t like the octagonal ring thing or the sound of it.

It doesn`t really matter because it won`t help the Pride fighters any.

Hope this is true. Well all but Sak fighting .

Unification? Of what titles?

i smell boolsheetttttttt

You smell bullshit? I got this from yahoo japan sports website, you think they make this shit up?

That sounds very interesting.

Why does there have to be a Jackson vs. Liddell rematch?  I think that would be lame... Jackson won convincingly and I'd rather see Liddell fight someone else... maybe Ninja.

Wolfman,...  Ultimate Pride sounds like a good name for a show....

Won't be happening until July+. After the HW GP is over.

what about the rules? will they be using the normal ufc judging and rounds? who will ref? any news on those kind of things?

well if its vegas its with the shitty ufc rules that are out now, Stand it Up! how annoying

I asked a member of dse japan who should know for sure, I will wait for his response.

The rules will always be a sticking point for me... 

It'll be UFC rules (including judging criteria) i'm sure because Pride's rules aren't approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. It'll be UFC judges and refs too because both groups need to be certified by the NSAC.

Maybe Pride will have its people certified though. Who knows?