pride never had a chance

come to america dont pay your investing partner 1 cent, than dont even bother to pay taxes on the money generated from the event, per fightopinion. set a record for most guys busted for roids at 1 event.

pride was cool when mma was "underground" so to speak but they never had a chance in the world of athletic commissions, bigtime promoting and just regular business activities. thank goodness zuffa was there to save them. pride was never this worldwide company that everybody wanted to believe

LOL- They were bigger in Japan than UFC was in the U.S..

they certainly had it going on at 1 time. they should have hired some real business people to run the company and they should have sent some of thier guys to the ufc when they had the opportunity.

they put silva in with 1 of thier top heavies and him wrecked when they could have sent him to fight chuck

UFC didn't save Pride, they destroyed what was left of it.

I really believe that if Pride had a year's worth of money left, they could
have landed a TV deal in the US which would have saved them. They had
some good people working for them in the US but they didn't have time.

Anyway, it is over.

why couldn't they just scale back thier payroll and fight cards like most businesses do when they hit a down time. its called business saavy like when the ufc had basically no money coming in.

bottom line you people can choose to ignore the truth all you want but pride just was not set-up for longterm success

pride has very little credibility at this point

so far we have coleman, jackson and rickson gracie all on record that theyve been offered cash money to throw fights (and thats just the tip of the iceberg IMO)

"LOL- They were bigger in Japan than UFC was in the U.S."

What good did that have? UFC is top promotion in world now and Pride is dead.

laughably amateurish businessmen with no ability at all to adapt to the international market

yeah, i didn't even mention the worked fights i mean what about the fighters that did take the money. basically the ufc has turned mma into a sport whereas pride was more of a spectacle which i found very entertaining btw. just look at the real deal which ended with a battered coleman and his 10 year old daughter in a crying session. you just never knew what would happen next with pride.

i wish pride was still going strong it was almost like prowrestlig except it was all too real MOST of the time

The worked fights were early in Pride's existence before DSE owned it.

Most of them at least. Jackson has little credibilty imo and his story has
already been refuted.

As for inability to adapt to the international market, how has the UFC
done in Japan? They couldn't even get Mr. Sparkle as a sponsor.

i think pride was more true to the art where ufc just wanted the money of a sport. japan supposedly didnt care what you put in your body or how you handled yourself as long as you came to be the best. i dont respect all the things they did but they at least had some of the best ideas and tried to take care of their fighters financially. pride had the big intros and had a real feeling to their promotion. ufc has paris hilton's dead eyes about anything not to do with their money. i miss pride and the competition between ufc and pride but for now its ufc all the way.

how do you not pay taxes or your invester??? pretty lame and i love the new mantra that the ufc killed off

fisher was made out to be this monster when all the guy wanted was his money. the pride geeks have blamed everybody from dana to the commissions for prides demise. just goes to show thier fans were just as stupid as they were

"Jackson has little credibilty imo"

why does he have little credibility considering how many other fighters have said the same thing?

denial is just the first stage BTW