Pride: No time to pee

I never thought I would ever say this: So much action with no breaks, I had no time to pee. I will wear depends with the next event. Kudos to pride, I got my moneys worth.

I am glad to know I am not the only person with that problem. Plus I have the bladder of a pregnant woman.

I felt the same way. I had to leave the Gardiner/Yoshida fight for a while to go piss. lol


So true

I missed Ryan's armbar

well maybe if you did not keep running to the kitchen to get more food you fat fuck you would have seen Ryan's armbar..

Me too. I was pissing and leaning my head out of the bathroom at the same time. I love the way they got most of all the fights in.

missed the Randleman Cro Cop fight because I was shitting towards the end of the previous fight.

Next event I will have a cooler next to me cause there wasn't even time to get a brew from the kitchen.

much better than too much talking.

We all had the same problem. If it went two rounds then between rounds was the only real chance. I can't complain... but my bladder can.

me too

who won the decision between ryo chonan and anderson silva?

no time to get beverages or get rid of them makes for a lot less fun PRIDE.

I would have rather they cut the first 3-4 fights

Anyone hear of Tivo? I pee'd a few times.. didnt miss a minute. Oh and guess what? My pride dvd comes out today, thanks to my dvd burner and Tivo.

I can do w/out the long ring entrances, but I missed the pre-fight interviews and predictions. It's good to know the fighters a little bit and adds to the tension......No complaints about extra fights though.


I had exactly the same problem, and went during the Fedor/Nog preview.

Glad I was not alone.

The wife helped me with the drink re-load, but she wasn't up for bringing me a pee bucket. :)

I actually missed seeing the entrances, especially for Fedor vs. Nog. Fedor's entrance adds so much drama to the fight and I find it makes it more exciting.. Just my taste though.


As soon as KR tapped to CC I got up screaming and decided that that was the perfect time to pee since I was already up.

true dat

I missed the start of the Pulver-Gomi fight cause I couldn't hold it anymore. Next Pride I'll either have to stop drinking or invest in a bedpan