pride on 9-25 is a must see!

these matches have been announced

183 lb tournament matches





r sakurai-filho

161 lb tournament matches


azeredo-n kotani

h sakurai-jens

j hansen-yves

mishma-crazy horse

this show is fucking stacked!

anyone know when it will be on in the us

i think its same day! (i hope)

it's airing next day broadcast for us lucky Directv subcribers. I think it airs in November on Indemand. Anyone know if they're going to have the entire tourny's in one night or just a few rounds of the tourny? I can't wait!!

i think the 183 lb tournament champion will be crowned that night.

this card is def worth buying. every fight is good!





Mixed Martial Arts on Pay Per View!

Pride Fighting Championships Bushido: the Tournament


You¿ll see the opening and semi-final rounds of two simultaneous tournaments (in different weight classes). Each tournament features 8 fighters!

Premiere Date:

Kawajiri already beat Yves and Gomi would be the favorite if he fought Yves as well.

btw, it airs on Indemand PPV on November 25th.

actually for some.

this is the best card/show ever

as usual prob 18-20 hrs i guess?

If this is really on indemand on November 25th, there is no way I am waiting 2 months. It'll be a tape on ebay for me. How stupid if they think anybody is gong to order this two months after the fact!

it's SEPTEMBER 25!!

esch 9=sept bro

Expressvu says Sept.25...can't wait.

As much as im looking foward to this show i really wish Josh Thompson would have gotten in the tournament


esch was right! cable wont get it for 2 months!?

fri after thanksgiving?

get satttelite dude!




Nov. 25th for me...I think I might go the ebay route as suggested.

Also, each weight class will have the first two rounds, with the finals being a later date. That is a shitload of fights my friends!!!

usually vhs but some have dvd

ttt 1 week!