Pride on french TV!!!!!! Canal +

Canal +, the most powerful chanel in France has beguin to show MMA via Sport +. I do not know if you realise but it is fucking huge for MMA in Europe.

Canal + has huge money and they are speaking about organising MMA competion in France.

Prepare to see what professionalism is all about...Canal +!!!!!!!!!

and they are showing all the pride vent and even the bushido pride events!!!!!

here are all the events they are going to show in ttwo weeks who come.

In fucking two weeks we got 9 events to watch!!!!!

France is awaiking to MMA and now with the power the financial power that Canal + has, and with the exposure Canal + bring to the sport prepare to see French fighters in big events!!!!

here are all the events coming in two weeks

23/12/2004 00h00 - Réunion de Saitama (Japon) - Pride 27

  • 26/12/2004 20h45 - Pride Bushido 2

  • 27/12/2004 21h45 - Pride - Grand Prix poids lourds

  • 30/12/2004 20h30 - Pride Bushido 3

  • 01/01/2005 21h00 - Pride Grand Prix Second Round

  • 03/01/2005 20h30 - Pride Bushido 4

  • 04/01/2005 22h00 - Pride Grand Prix Final

  • 09/01/2005 22h15 - Pride Bushido 5

  • 10/01/2005 21h00 - Pride 28

It is huge!!!!!

For info, in France, no one is use to pay this 30 $, US fan pay for a show.

In france, no one would never payed such an amount and i never undesrtood why you pay so much.

for all this event, we just have to pay to get the chanel that mean 20 $ per months for all the CAnal + programme and we can see all the event, movies, football, etc for this amount!!!

but i guess it is just a cultural difference..

Fuck PPV. Vive la free TV!!!

I just read in another site that canal + has decide to test the market and if they sense a following in French tlespecatateurs, they are gonna get involved in MMA seriously.

For information, Canal + is the chanel that has bought all the right for soccer in Europe, keeping all the other chanel without NOTHING!!!! and Soccer is fucking huge in Europe.

SO you have to understand that CANAL + = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

ahahahahahahahahahahahaaha you are all jalous of me because i am gonna be watching ten events in the next two weeks for free!!!

and as you can see France has decided to invest in the real big events such as Pride and K1 and has decide to ignore the americano american events where you can see only american fighting!!

Pride is the real international worldwide MMA event while UFC is just a poor copy with only american fighter.

I think that the UFC belt should deseaper and thay should just give them the american belt!!!!

good for France and good for the sport.

You should watch the Grand Prix events, they are
really good. The Bushido shows have a lot of boring
fights though.

The UFC isn't just American fighters. The next UFC has
Vitor Belfort and Andrei Arlovski in it. David Loiseau
is Canadian and Karo Parysian was born in Russia even
though he lives in America now.

Maybe Canal+ will show the UFC also?

dont know if Canal+ will show UFC. Europe is more into Pride, I think.

"Europe is more into Pride, I think."

correct..much more.

i really like the UFC but they shall have more international fighter if they want to get popular worldwide.

and i think the UFC doesnt have the best fighter in the world.

an example : in the last UFC DVD i have "Belfort Vs Couture", there is Joe Riggs, Joe Doerksen, Mike Kyle, Justin Eilers, Ronald Jhun, David Terrel, that i have never heard of them ( i had heard of Terrel througout this site but other European doesn't know this dude)

I am sure that for you american this people are well known, but for us European, we do not know them so we do not get excited to the idea of watching them.

However in the Pride, almost all the fight are well know fighter to which we can identify and so it is much more appealing to us in Europe.

I think that the UFC is doing his card in order to appeal to the USA audience and it is fine. i do not have any problem with that. But they shall not tell us after that they are better than Pride. it doesnt seems correct except perhaps for the american audience that have a better understanding of the UFC card.

For me as an European, the UFC card is not better that the cage rage card in England. they have the same level of star and the same level of unknown fighters. and for some english fan they will probably think that Cage Rage is better that the UFC. everything is a question of perspective.

But to everyone that think clearly to the point it is clear that Pride is at the TOP.

"europeans are more in to pride because pride has more european fighters, simple as that."

i like to see a diveristy in a card. american fighter, japanese fighter, Russian fighters, brasilian fighters, etc.....

if there are only american fighters on the mix and one or two occasional international, me as an European, get tired.

it is on "sport +"

JohnnyBlaze is correct. People like to watch people
from their own countries because they can identify
with them.

jujubre, UFC's fighters are much better then Cage
Rage's. You don't know much about fighting if you
don't agree with that. New guys in the UFC have
already proven themselves in smaller shows. Cage Rage
has a lot of rookies.

Just because guys like Eilers, Terrell, and Riggs
aren't well known in Europe now...doesn't mean they
will stay that way. Everyone is unknown until they
start winning big fights.

"jujubre, UFC's fighters are much better then Cage Rage's"

in the last Cage Rage, we had Babalu, MAtt Lindlands, Sammy Schiavo, Iam Freeman, Cyril Diabaté, Jean Silva, ...not so bad.

and i prefer it to Eiler and Riggs.

The UFC fighter may be a little bit better but i prefer to watch a Cage Rage show.

For me UFC, Care Rage, M1 (in Russia), two hot two handle (some fantastic card with great fighters) are all local show with more and less money and good fighter but the real worldwide international show is Pride

Great news! Hopefully the schedual won't be hopelessly behind.

MrTapout brings up a great point.

Oscar De La Hoya can make $20 million for a boxing
match in America. Boxing isn't as popular in America
as Pride is in Japan.

The big money will be in the UFC not Pride.

Being european I prefer Pride to UFC because Pride is better. Its not about the fighters nationality. Pride simply has a better set of rules, a ring, better production and better fighters. And everyone of my friends that follows MMA thinks the same.