Pride on FSN right now.

Just watched Kang vs Suloev. They edited the blood squirting out of Amar's face during the choke.

FSN is really starting to piss me off! When they show a baseball game on FSN, do they ever edit out the 4th inning. The answer is no. Because wouldn't a baseball fan be pissed if that was the inning where the losing team scored 6 runs and went ahead? We as MMA fans expect the same courtesy when watching our sport. If you are not going to show the whole fight, then don't show fights at all.

They would edit out the 4th inning if blood kept squirting out of the players' faces.

Spike obviously doesn't edit blood squirting, why should FSN?

"Spike obviously doesn't edit blood squirting, why should FSN?"

I don't know, management decision I guess...personally I hate the editing. I'm undecided though if televising the bloody messes hurts public perception of mma though. I'm always talking about the safety and sophistication of the sport, then my friends walk in on the Dewees fight and give me a look like "yeah, real safe and sophisticated...".

"Fox=pussy liberal sports station "

Isn't Fox uber-conservative?

Fox is not liberal. Spike would be liberal.

Maybe you are confused by the difference between the definitions of liberal and conservative.