Pride Open Weight GP is stupid

What's the point of an open weight GP if 90% of the guy are over 230lbs.

I always thought it would work the other way round with 75% of the guys being under 205lbs so that there is actually a chance that the lighter guys get a chance to actyally progress. Can you imagine if gomi is matched against Mark Hunt or against James Thompson.

Why not call it the second heavyweight GP and be done with it, or a mixed heavyweight and light heavyweight GP. Then do the same with welterweights and lightweights. That way it is at least even.

Big Nog,
Cro Cop,

Gomi and Minowa are going to get crushed despite their obvious talents. We all saw what happened to hendo when he fought big nog.

I agree. All anyone who's not a light heavy or a heavyweight can do is give a free pass to someone.

Pride and Bushido are technically different things, so I don't think you will see anyone but HW's and LHW's in there anyway... Am I wrong here?

Gomi isnt going to be in it If u dont like it dont watch it or read about it

Gomi needs to be in it. come on!

"We all saw what happened to hendo when he fought big nog."

He actually did better than he did against lil Nog.

Did you watch what happened to a talented boxer in nishijima against hunt, he was 210lbs and he got smashed. Not take gomi, who is 40lbs lighter than nishi, smaller in height and not as good at boxing and just fathom the result.

Someday a small man will prevail and you will all lick my balls.