Pride Opening Round Matchups

According to Poroesu Power Webpage opening round matches have been announced and are;

Giant Silva vs. Sentoryu

Karitonov vs. Ninja

Takahashi vs. Herring

Fedor vs. Coleman

Mino vs. Yokoi

Cro Cop vs. Randelman

Ogawa vs. Leko

It lists Gan McGee and Ron Waterman as alternates.

It does not list an 8th fight right now.

So Leko and Sentoryu got the free rides, it seems.

Are you serious about the last one? That would be awesome but I think Rizzo is commiting to K-1.

I'm very interested in 2 of those fights.

I'm interested in 3 more of the remaining fights.

I'm slightly interested in 1 more of the remaining fights.

Could be better, could be worse.

agree, randelman is very one dimensional but exactly the dimension needed to win a jd against cro cop

Yea, I think the real tournament begins when it is down to 8.

I can't wait to see the Karitonov vs. Ninja fight and am a little intrigued by Fedor and Herring fights.

Don Frye is out. He went ahead, as some expected, and signed a contract with Inoki to fight for "Team Inoki" against "Team K-1".

Team Inoki vs. Team K-1 appears to be a recurring theme that will take place over several shows co promoted by K-1/Feg/Inoki.

Anyone calling upset for Randleman in the first round is insane. He's going to get knocked the fuck out. It's going to be worse than what Rampage handed to him.

If I'm wrong, I'll eat dem words.

Randelman will get Koed. I think he can take crocop down but he will probably try to stand a bit. Then get cought.

The Giant Silva/Sentoryo match is a waste of a slot for the final
eight in the next round.

Solid card though. I'm still pumped.


I agree completely with Ghost.

Damn. What a dissapointment. Maybe the 8th match will make up for it.

What is the deal with making Coleman vs Fedor so early?

I wonder if they will make Fedor fight Herring in the second round?

Ibet they do (unless Randleman gets an upset), and then I bet he will have to face Mino again after that & then maybe Mirco.

Leko will be taken down and subbed inside of 5 minutes.

Ogawa has legit Judo skills.

Leko is just another one-dimensional K-1 guy.

You're probably right on Leko, but he is the one guy in the tournament who can stand with Cro Cop. I doubt he gets that far though.

The real tournament will start at the round of 8. Hopefully the big names will not get hurt during these blase first round matchups.

"agree, randelman is very one dimensional but exactly the dimension needed to win a jd against cro cop"

problem is that Kevin thinks he is a good boxer and might be dumb enough to stand with Cro Cop.

I can't see Ninja getting past the first round. He drew the potential sleeper of the tournament.

I can't believe people think this card sucks. I'm totally pumped for it.

There's so many X factors with these match-ups that guarantees it'll be a good card.


Just like he's destroyed all the other top HWs he's fought, like Rizzo and Rodriguez.