Pride over cold beer

Does anybody know of any bars in Tokyo where one can hang out and enjoy Pride live on SkyPerfect?

I used to be able to do this with the other regulars at my neighborhood hangout in Nishi-Azabu, but then Pride events moved predominantly to Sundays, when the place is closed.

bit late for this one obviously but next time try Legends sports bar Roppongi (next to Hobgblin)...they have it on every time...

post a thread next time pride is on and we should meet up...i dont bother going to the arena's anymore as view is crap and Saitama/yokohama miles away from me..

Where do you guys live? Where do you train? If anyone is up for it lets just meet and drink copious amounts of Tequila anyway

Although I have been a big fan of MMA and shootfighting since UFC 1 (or maybe since Maeda vs. Tiger I), I don't train. But speaking of which, I'd like to get into some beginner stuff. The problem is that my job keeps me very busy, so I could really only hit mats on weekends and holidays. I also haven't done much since a belts-for-sale karate program in elementary school, and taking a stab at aikido in college. In the meantime, I try to stay in shape by going to the local fitness joint, riding my bicycle, and running a little.

So as you can tell, it sounds presumptuous but I am looking for a casual program. A shooto for busy people or something. No interest in taking to the streets and testing newfound skills out on SMAP look-alikes or anything. I just dig all MMA and think that working on it myself a little bit will deepen my understanding of it. By the way, I am also past my 20s and not getting any younger.

Any recommendations out there? I am aware that places like Takada Dojo have beginner courses, but I get the feeling that they're not really into classwork, etc.

Hey Hamu-if you dont mind the asking-what do you do? Some gyms don't offer classes but have guys who can coach you whenever you come in-be it morning/afternoon or evening. Kickboxing and Shootboxing gyms are often like that. Fujiwara Gym seems too be highly recommended. MMA places also have trainnig on weekends. WK has grappling on sunday nights. Starts off with a beginners class where they do technique for hour and a half, and then you just grapple away for another hour and half if you're in the mood. Depends where you are/how far you're willing to travel and how much you willing to spend I guess.

And age is NO excuse. Im about to hit 30, have had 4 operations within 2 years. But something dumb makes us keep coming back for more punishment:)

I live near Shibuya at the moment (I moved apartment 2 years ago to be right near dojo) but am looking to move more central, Minato-Ku, so should be getting a new place soon..Am sick of expensive cab rides back from Roppongi..
I train at when I can but recently very little..Work keeping me busy from 7am to 6pm and too tired to do JJ after unfortunately..Weekends usually nursing a hangover..(By the way I can't recommend Axis highly enough..amazing instructor and the friendliest, most unpretentious atmoshphere possible)
Anyone fancy a beer then?

For the record, I work in finance, and so naturally my ass is grass if my employer finds me posting here.

i work in finance too..and my employer couldnt give a obviously work for an anerican shop....

u on bberg?

Im always up for watching pride/ufc. Sick of listening to other gaijin talk about what they would do if they ever fought vanderlei though.

Usually go 2 clubhouse in shinjuku, gets pretty crowded though.