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Video Research Announces 14.5% Rating For 5/3 HERO'S; 17.6% For 5/5 PRIDE

Japanese TV rating survey company Video Research Ltd. has released the television ratings for Golden Week in Japan.

Video Research are reporting a TV rating of 14.5% for the Tokyo Broadcasting System's broadcast of K-1 HERO'S May 3rd card, which was edited and aired on a five hour tape delay. The peak of the HERO'S telecast was 20.5%. PRIDE's Openweight Grand Prix on May 5th, which was aired in an edited two hour format on Fuji TV on a four tape delay, drew a 17.6% rating. The Grand Prix telecast peaked at 22.9%.

Against PRIDE, TBS aired a boxing card live from the Ariake Coliseum which featured nineteen year old flyweight boxing sensation Koki Kameda against Carlos Fajardo. On the undercard, Koki's seventeen year old brother faced Kittipop Saendeegym. Daiki's fight drew a 23.0% rating, peaking at 32.6% while the elder Kameda's fight drew a whopping 33.0%, with an incredible peak of 40.6%.

Better than usual ratings for Pride but it got blown away by the Kameda brothers fight.

I think Yamamoto's fight peaked at a 20% rating though.

Here's another breakdown on each fights ratings, from

"There?s a wrestler in Puerto Rico named ?Mr. Raytings? Ray Gonzalez. Now, meet Japan?s version of Mr. Ratings. 19-year old boxing star Koki Kameda, who?s May 5th fight was broadcasted on Tokyo Broadcasting System, drew a 40.8% QH peak rating according to Sports Navigator (Yahoo Japan). The overall average rating was a 33.0%.

The HERO?s 5/3 Tokyo, Yoyogi National Stadium Gym I show did a 14.5% average rating, with the high QH peak rating being a 20.5%. The PRIDE 5/5 Osaka Dome show drew a 17.6% average rating on Fuji TV (from 10 PM-12 AM), with a high QH rating of 22.9%.

According to a release on PRIDE?s HP, they claim that the following matches got the following ratings: Kohsaka vs. Hunt (17.8%), Fujita vs. Thompson (20.8%), Nogueira vs. Zulu (21.8%), Josh vs. Alexander (21.0%), and Yoshida vs. Nishijima (21.0%)."

Yeah, Kameda is super popular in Japan. They have news shows about him and the rest of his family quite a few times.

Who cares ?