Pride post fight video interviews

The post fight video interviews are here-

They don't work


Holy shit AMS, the beating that Randleman gave to Cro Cop is just like when Patrick Smith beat that Ninja.

good to see mark's comments about evolving his
stand-up game. i hope he works on that, and his
jiu-jitsu - with some of those skills up to par, he
could very well have beaten fedor. he had his friggen
back with hooks in!

"i'm gonna be a problem for anyone that faces me"

holy sheit that was a beatdown

Randleman fucking lit mikro upp....thanks for the clip man. :) this made my day

that was vicious

LOL @ Randleman wearing that funny straw hat and eating a banana during his interview!

That link goes to a japanese site but not fight clip. Any suggestions?