Pride pre-show: OOPS!

So I'm sitting here watching the Pride: Shockwave 2006 pre-show, enjoying a well-presented ten minutes of airtime spent recapping the 2006 Absolute tournament. Here's the interesting bit: the Absolute Grand Prix was won in highlight-reel fashion by Mirko "CroCop" Filipovic, who has just signed with the UFC. I suspect that DSE, Pride's parent company, didn't know CroCop was leaving when they edited together this pre-show; if they had, I doubt they'd have spent the time and effort promoting one of the competition's marquee fighters.

As it is, Pride just spent ten minutes of their pre-show (and who knows how much money) introducing American audiences to the UFC's new heavyweight superstar. US viewers might have been unfamiliar with CroCop before, but they certainly aren't now.

That's got to sting a bit.

This is actually good for Pride. Because people will know where Crocop was groomed and where he got his #3 HW status from.

It is good to let people know that CROCOP is from Pride.

Valid argument...but is it good to let them know that they lost such a major contender to their competition?

American audiences will likely see that a sign of being "second best."

LMFAO@ Crocop's "#3 HW status"!