Pride PS2 Pt.2?

Is this game ever coming out? Or has it already come out and I missed it? Any info online? I kick ass with Silva BTW.


WTF? are you sure?

well FUCK

I have completed survival mode on hard like 5 times with my custom guy. Still the best mma game though it lacks slid career mode.

i hope they make a new Pride game for the PSP. i'd definitely import that shit

chia, can you up it somewhere and share with us, please?

There is the MW GP edition with Rampage and Fedor etc.

I think this is the second version - I have it but to be honest I very rarely play it.
Its not that great, although I never played the first so I can't compare the two.

I am told that the first game was made by its character creation mode - which is pretty lame in the GP ed.

BTW - If anybody can tell me how to get the 3rd hidden character in the game I would appreciate it.
I have Sak Machine and Takada.
No idea who the last is or how to get them.


ok, now there is two of you, Opash and Chia, couldn't you guys share the game with us by uploading it somewhere?


Didt you read?

Its not very good.
Plus I would have no idea where to begin uploading shit.

opash, course I read, but really want to try it.

silva and noguiera are the best imo. silva's punch rushes are too damn safe and damaging, and silva's stamina is high so he never gets tired from constantly striking. and silva has clinched knee combos. noguiera's double submissions are cheap as fuck. semmy is pretty good too cuz of his strikes, especially that front kick that knocks back. and royce is surprisingly good cuz of his high submission stats. herring is good too. the custom characters dont get any of the character-specific moves , which pride has a shitload of, unlike the ufc games where each character has maybe 2-3 unique moves. on the other hand you can do some cool shit with customs in pride such as creating your own combo strings

"The custom guys suck, they cant do any special moves why would you want to use them?"

The trade off is custom combos and picking each move yourself. Plus if youre smart you pick subs that put you in the best position if they fail. Most of my subs improve my position when they fail.

Plus if youve ever trained or done martial arts making yourself in a fighting game is cool.