Pride purses??

How much are these guys bringin home after last nights fights?? Im sure its got to be more the finals but anyone have any idea at all on what they make for a fight?

Fedor mows lawns, I don't know about the other guys.

I don't believe that was his pay!!

Leko vs Ogawa each got a Mcdonalds Big Mac mean, the winner got his Biggie Sized.

I agree with HAMMA.

Ninja was fighting for a ninja outfit that fit him.

attjack is the fight purse expert, he does a lot of the negotiations for Pride, ask him;)

No way that was crocrop's pay.

By the way, I always have said that randleman is fucking good. That being said, it does not mean cropcrop now sucks. People are crazy on these forums...that or they don't understand the game.