Pride Rules Just Approved in Colorado!

Like knees to the head of a grounded opponent? These rules were just approved in Colorado. I confirmed via Open Records request.
Details here for anyone interested


I think foot strikes to a downed opponent would effectively deal with leg.ankle locks and attacks.

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I’ve got a further Open Records request out for the full approved rules. I’ll publish those once received.

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Interesting how much regulatory change there has been in North America in the last few years. We now have

  1. More fragmentation of unified rules
  2. legal bare knuckle boxing
  3. legal bare knuckle MMA
  4. Pride rules as per the above
    And several smaller but also interesting developments like
  • removal of cannabis in some jurisdictions
  • cannabis TUE’s for in comp
  • open scoring
  • instant replay reforms
    among others.

I like to dork out on this stuff but there has been a lot of action on the regulatory side. Less consistency but more variety.

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Awesome news. As a Colorado resident, I approve, and I hope I get to see these rules in action, live.


It’s not really pride rules unless theyre also allowed to juice


I don’t know if it is because the rules here in Colorado will not allow it, but one of my kickboxing coaches fought in the first ever Lethwei fight in Cheyenne Wyoming a few months ago. Basically muay thai but (sorta) bareknuckle and headbutts allowed. They wrap hands but that’s it, no gloves.

lol. Time to dust off the ol’ TRT TUE applications!

There are some kinks in Colorado when it comes to trying to get BKB approved.

I’d love to see upkicks to downed opponents be next. Guys on their back get really screwed with it being prohibited. Even when they’re more active than the guy on top they tend to lose Rounds, this would make it more fair and make for more exciting fights.

As someone who’s been heeled in the eye during a scramble for a leg, I agree that it would definitely help dealing with them.

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We used to have this kid at the gym who would heel hook all the time.

Most guys tap right away because they know it can mess you up and this kid had little to no control.

But he kept using it because he got the tap and he thought he was winning.

The coach even told him that people were just tapping so they could move on and work on what they wanted to work on.

One day he slapped it on a guy a few times and the guy told him to stop that sh*t and the kid didn’t listen.

The guy put a heel right into his eye and broke the orbital.

It was then I understood how useful a kick could be in dealing with a heel hook.

I had a nasty black eye from it and the entire white part of my eye was blood red for weeks.

We need soccer kicks, knees to the head, and allow the fighters to grab the clothing. I wouldn’t mind seeing fighters being able to grab the gloves either. Conor intentionally broke the rules but it would be cool to see how Judo could be implemented with glove grabbing. We could see some sweet Osoto Garis off of that.

Yan just came in his pants

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